Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bottle n Cork

Sometimes I wonder what the perfect outfit for anything is. What should I wear to a pub crawl, the movies, brunch, or even wine tasting (notice how most of these revolve around booze)? I want to look my best, be comfortable but on that same note appear chic. While the people waiting for me on the other end would just as well me take five minutes to get ready I need at least one hour, and several costume outfit changes!

Recently I went on a little wine tasting trip where I was able to bottle my own wine. And had my "what to wear" outfit moment all over again. I finally decided on a patterned blouse, skinny jeans, classic brooch and brogues. But living in Northern California doesn't make dressing for my day easy, the fall weather is quite unpredictable, you just never know if it will be an intense sunny day, or rain and fog. So I always try and be prepared, and layer!

The next oppurtunity I can make time for a relaxing afternoon of wine tasting, this would be an ideal outfit, or at least inspirational elements that I would like to incorporate in somehow.

6. Rebecca Minkoff Wine Bread Bag

Tips for dressing appropriately for a jaunt in the vineyard:
1. Layer up
2. Wear comfortable shoes
3. Sunglasses are a must--wrinkles are not an option
4. Wear dark colors-that way if you do spill, it blends in
5. Bring a large comfy sweater, it doubles as a blanket for when you fall asleep on the ride home

What I wore:
blouse purchased in Paris, Alloy skinnies, Bally bag, Steve Madden brogues, Target socks, thrifted: vest, Chanel brooch, & sunglasses

Monday, September 27, 2010

NYFW S/S 2011 part deux

pics: 1. Central Park in 12th St. by Cynthia Vincent, 2. Front row at Jose Duran show, the Gansevoort rooftop bar (we worked hard to get in), 4. starting out the night at Jay-Z's 40/40 (no sign of B, or Ri-Ri), 5. mannequins at Mercedes-Benz lounge, and the girls, 7.after din drinks, 8. lunch at Fiorello's- celeb and fashion editor hot spot, 9.being silly at some bar between 40/40 and Gansevoort, 10. frock by Jose Duran, 11. our plush digs at the Empire Hotel, 12. L and I, 13. Empire State bldg, 14. mustache lady!, 15. reading material, 16. paying our respects at ground zero on 9/11

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

that thing you do

I've always had a thing for ALDO. They have a great selection, are affordable and always on trend. This time around they are "pairing" up with Julian Louie and have created crazy, editorial worthy, suede patterned wedges. The colors are insane! I want about three of them. Is is wrong to want three pairs of different color shoes- even though they are all the same style?

Personally I am loving the ankle fit. Which pair has your name all over it?

photos by ALDO

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NYFW 2010

New York City was an amazing blur, of sleepless nights, overwhelming style, too much shopping and as usual one too many cocktails. I was lucky enough to spend my days and nights with my sister, my bestie, and her sis (the generous host) for one very fast paced week.

I started out in Brooklyn. No more than an hour after landing at JFK we were bar hopping in Park Slope, gossiping with the locals, and planning our future meet up. During my time I sight-saw, attended some shows/ parties, ate some amazing meals (Pipa's Tapas anyone?) and saw my fair share of celebreality stars. Speaking of stars, you'll never guess who I stalked and took pics with....Rumi from Fashion Toast! Loved what she was wearing, she was super tall and so friendly! I also saw Miss Jay, and Jaslene (winner of America's Next Top Model), Ben and Joel Madden, and Angela Simmons from Run's House (she was sitting across from me at the Jose Duran show!). It was all so exciting. New York is fantastic on its own, but you really don't know what to expect during Fashion Week!

Stay tuned for part two of NYC fabulous-ness!
pictures top to bottom: 1. warm welcome from Starbucks under our home away from home--the Empire Hotel, 2. Rumi Neely spotted outside of Lincoln Center, 3. Pulino's Margharita Pizza, 4. me, my sis and Rumi, 5. poster in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week lounge, 6. dinner at Sushi a Go Go before Senior Academy of Art show, 7 & 8. Senior show, 9. Fashion's Night out at Zara's, 10. Top Shop shoe wall, 11. with friend and fashion designer Elizabeth Azadi, 12. enjoying Kim Crawford wines at style lounge

p.s. I received a lovely surprise--an award from  The Owl's Closet, which I love, love, love!!! Check it out when you get a chance, you won't be sorry...

I wanna pass this on to:

kisses, Carlina

Thursday, September 16, 2010

nunca te olvidaré España

pictures: 1.midday pick-me-up (sangria & olivas), 2. market in Madrid, 3. tapas, 4. J. Simpson Dany, 5. paella, 6. Shakira on the beach, 7. in Barcelona, wearing my go to Erin Wasson for RVCA tank, 8. Park Gruell, 9. La Sagrada Familia, 10. more tapas and Sangria, 11. wax museum bar in Barcelona--night before our flight back  :(

With all the craziness of NYFW wrapping up, I almost forgot to include Spain in my European adventures post. Almost. It was by far my favorite place out of the three countries I visited. The food was obviously out of this world, the architecture unbelievable, the people were so friendly, and-- did I mention the food was incredible? I would go back just to enjoy a half liter of sangria in a heartbeat!

We started in Madrid--which was nice, but the place that really stole my heart was Barcelona--again! This was my second time there, and returning back to this magical place just reaffirmed what I already learned so many years ago--Barcelona is sick! Besides the constant badgering to buy "hashish, marijuana, coke" off the local businessmen, or the unceasing thought that your belongings would be carried off by some hoodlum at any moment, whether on their beautiful beach, or at at a decent restaurant, Barcelona still has so many pluses. I can definitely see myself living there one day (fingers crossed)!

Interestingly enough on our first day in Barcelona, after a few Absinthe cocktails, I swear I see a vision in gold, a petite shimmering goddess, with immaculate gold dreadlocks--umm OMG it's Shakira (I think). So maybe I'm hallucinating and the absinthe is kicking in, that's what my boyfriend is telling me anyways. Out we walk to the shore, lo and behold I am not crazy, Shakira is in fact here, and tapping her newest music video right on the beach! Performing like the true and talented artist that she is, nary an awkward moment of silence, as she gyrates and belly dances in front of 100 rubberneckers and manages to make it all look so effortless.