Friday, October 22, 2010

ending the night in the powder room

Occasional girls night out are mandatory to keep you sane, but stepping out with my sister is in a whole other category- it's like painting the town red and then some! We started off the night at a beautiful benefit for breast cancer, mingled with the likes of San Francisco socialites, meet an American Idol winner, and got hit on by a persistent creepy doctor who we heard "likes his girls young"....ewww!

We then met and dragged along a random lady (wtf?) with us to the Starlight room, where we got down on the dance floor! And continued the party in the powder room, where we stayed for about thirty minutes- I think we were trying to stay away from the random lady! From there it was clear we needed to rush over to good old Gold Dust Lounge and decided it was a great idea to have one last drink before we ran to catch the last train (again wtf?); where we met some British pilots. All in all, it was the most random fun I've had in a long time!

I think we had just as much fun on the train ride home as we did all night! Check out tidbits from our night below....

p.s first time I wore my JC Cheetah wedges, and they are every bit as comfy as they are hot!!!

p.s.s GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!


  1. You have beautiful leopard boots. Really like them!

  2. Um, please stop being so FUCKING fabulous! : )

  3. Just discovered your blog and love your style so much. esp this dress...fab fab fab.

    Dena x

  4. GUAPISIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! that outfit,is AMAZINGGG!!! <3 xox have a good weeknd girrrl

  5. You are freaking stunning!!! I really get an awesome vibe for your personality and I think that's soo rad! And those cheetah wedges are the perfect cherry on top of an already killer post!

    You for sure have a follower in me!

  6. Those wedges are amazing!


  7. I LOVE Your knitted dress. It is gorgeous! And I agree: girls nights out are mandatory, and my sister is my partner in crime on such nights as well!

    - Sherrie

  8. You both look absolutely stunning! This sounds a lot like when my sister and I go out as well! So much fun!

  9. Oh wow, sounds like quite the evening, but so much fun, too!!;) Random nights out are usually the most memorable:) You girls look great, btw!

  10. Hi, happy Monday people!

    @Fashion Butter: I will not, I refuse too, haah!
    @Luna: stop it right now...glad you like the dress, I found it at a thrift shop...I love it!
    @R. Gratz: your too sweet, thanks I'm a new follower too!

  11. I'm in love with your jeffrey campbells they are so great.


  12. Those cheetah wedges.... *faint*

    It should be a crime to look as hawt as you + your sis do!! Ya'll please continue to work it ;)


  13. The dress and thos Jeff Campbells are killer


  14. That dress is beyond AHmazing! You look fabulous, darling.

  15. Love, love, love your crochet dress! And those shoes!! Oh, I just cannot get enough leopard lately. You look adorable! <3

    xx Laura


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