Friday, February 25, 2011

V-day Red

I decided to inject stereotypical red into my (long overdue) Valentine's Day outfit. While we were only going to a hole-in-wall, albeit favorite Thai cuisine joint, I as usual had to do up my look! I went with a favorite summer tube top polka-dot dress, layered under a quilted crop top, and my brilliant dual fabric jacket. Of course no easy going Monday night Valentines outfit is complete without some sass, so out came the A-Yoko's, paired with trouser socks- since date night just isn't complete without some serious platform height involved. I know I've said it before, but these shoes are becoming my go-to's for everything, they manage to be quite comfortable.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend friends!!!!

{Charlotte Russe dress, Jacket purchased in NYC, UO crop top, A-Yoko boots by Steve Madden, Tanessi necklace}

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Can't really pinpoint what I'd call my style. It's always evolving. I can say I will always incorporate a bohemian element when unsure of what to wear- I blame this on Nicole Richie, boho queen at heart. If  I could I would wear caftans all day long!

Late night Barnes and Noble run...
{American Eagle sweater, Alloy peacoat, Blank denim, no name boots, BV hobo}

Cruising campus on a ridiculously cold day in SF. Notice my amazing single feather earring? It's going incognito.
{thrifted denim, vintage dress, Fabricated [Los Angeles] feather earring, Steve Madden boots, BV hobo}

{F21: coat, white tee, & hat, Calvin Klein sweater, Fox shorts, Elle lace up boots}

At Barnes and Noble again (I do love this place). Tired eyes caused by copious amounts of champagne
consumption the night before....
{Aeropostale sweater, American Apparel grey sweatshirt, Martin + Osa pants, Nine West, fur stole, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch}

Thursday, February 10, 2011

White Denim Challenge

I've been boasting to everyone who will hear me out that I'm participating in Carrie's white denim challenge in the midst of winter. Of course I always wait to the last minute to do anything of importance, so of course I broke out the whites, last minute, last night- to a wine tasting event none the less. While white denim and red wine love each other dearly, I managed to keep them separate, and my pants stain free all night.

The outfit below was created out of sheer panic, I was running late, and knew I needed to be ready four minutes ago. So out came the denim from the depths of my closet, a perfectly colored oversize sweater, and my newest fetish boots- I think I love them even more with the denim over the boots, cropping the boots even more.

By the way, these pants were a b*tch to get on, it could be the fact that the holiday goodies finally crept up on my behind, or perhaps because I just painted my nails, and refused to get griege pant on my white pants. Either way I need to get back in top shape. So I decided I'm going to train for a half marathon. Crazy since I only have 5 weeks to do it in. Anyone have some tips, or just want to tell me I'm crazy and it's not happening?

{American Eagle oversized sweater, Alloy denim, Steve Madden boots, Empyre blazer}

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Stay tuned for a giveaway coming up soon!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Almost Famous

It's so nice to take a day off and just enjoy life, youth, friendship- the elements. Please excuse my hippie ranting, I recently enjoyed a fantastic day at Anchor Steam brewery, and left with not only a lower tolerance for bad beer, but with a sunnier outlook on life (even though it was raining), all while imbibing in some free booze!
If your ever in San Francisco you must tour this fantastic facility. The tour is gratis, the numerous tastings included, and the tour guide's know their stuff!

 The bf thought my outfit was way too much for beer- you know how boys can be. Our conversation prior to heading out the door went something like this...
Bf: "Really? Fur and cowboy boots Carlina, we are just going to taste beer. Why don't you wear something low-key?
Me: "This is my low-key beer tasting outfit. You're lucky I'm not wearing my platform boots."

Actually I was lucky I didn't wear my platform boots. I probably would have ended up rolling down that hill behind me after all those samples!

{thrifted rabbit fur coat [a steal at $12.50, i love the Almost Famous vibe I get from wearing it!], American Apparel sweatshirt, wet seal jeans, vintage cowboy boots, BV hobo