Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gorgeous Giveaway....peaceimages!

After a lengthy hiatus to Zanesville, Ohio (right smack in the middle of nowhere) I'm back from a family trip and couldn't be happier. I never really appreciated the foggy cold weather in the Bay Area, but after a stifling, and humid four days in the Midwest I truly believe San Francisco is the ideal, perfect weather situation for me!

Remember last week when I said I have an awesome giveaway? Well Camille from PeaceImages kindly is offering up an Oya ring for allergic to vanilla readers, and fans of her facebook fan page. I love her line so much- it's gorgeous and bohemian and perfect, I first showcased some of my favorite pieces of hers here. I was so intrigued that I had to be nosy- and ask some questions, check out the interview below...

Tell us when and where you love affair with jewelry started?
In early 2007 one of my favorite earrings broke, and I went on a mission to the jewelry supply aisle of Wal-Mart. After I'd fixed the earring and realized I was capable of, and enjoyed, manipulating jewelry, I felt empowered to start creating my own work, and everything just snowballed from there.
Your jewelry obviously has a huge blogger following, have celebs started noticing- any of them wear your stuff yet? If not name a celeb you would love to outfit in PeaceImages Jewelry- and what items would they rock? 
I'm a huge Living Single fan, so it was amazing to have Kim Coles take an interest in my work. She seems to really like the items she's purchased, which puts a huge smile on my face. My main target would be Erykah Badu--she could pull off most any of my items, but I'd love to get her in a one-of-a-kind piece like Remember Your Name. I imagine that her brain is often overflowing with ideas and very busy, like I feel that mine is, so a busy piece like this would suit her well.
Run me through you’re thought process on where you find your inspiration, and how you incorporate it into your pieces.
I honestly pull inspiration from anywhere, be it nature, architecture, something that catches my eye on TV or out the window of the car...I'll have an idea, and just run to the lab to create it as soon as I can. If I'm away from home I take notes and usually get to work as soon as I walk into the door. It can all be very spontaneous.
How do you determine what is going to be a trend/ big seller for your line.
I try really hard not to think about those things while I create--Peace Images is definitely a business, but I work to maintain the artistic integrity of my process. That said, once I finish creating a piece, I love thinking about how to market it, to whom, and the way my customers react to a new creation can definitely influence where my mind goes next.

Before your full time jewelry day job, what did you do? Study?  Who was Camille before she officially became a full blown artist?
I always wanted to help people--I studied Nursing for a while, and most recently I worked at a shelter for abused women in St Louis. 

Do you wear your own pieces?

I do, almost every day--since everything I make is something I'd like to wear, most of the jewelry I wear consists of my own creations. Honestly, since I spend so much of my time with jewelry in my hands, I often don't feel like wearing much when I go out, but my fiancee is good about reminding me that it's a great way for people to see my work. 

Who are your favorite designers/ jewelry creators at the moment?
I love
 Lanvin, everything they make is fuckin dope, and I'm also always watching for new items from Melody Ehsani.

I love that your pieces are actually affordable, what is your take on over the top prices for costume- but name brand- jewelry?
Personally I try to keep my prices reasonable--even as some of the pieces on the higher end of my line cost more and more, I make sure there's plenty of items that are in the $20-30 range. That said, I respect all designers ability to set their own prices--I know that a lot of work goes into each piece, and I feel that we should be able to charge what we think is fair for our blood, sweat and tears. If the people don't think it's worth it, they won't pay it.
I read somewhere that over 80% of your jewelry is handmade (besides the precious stones, I’m assuming) so how many hours of the day do you dedicate to creating your jewelry?
On the average day I spend eight to ten hours actually hands-on, plus a few hours doing administrative tasks and marketing. My fiancee also helps for many hours each day--it's become a more-than-full time job for both of us but we wouldn't have it any other way.
You currently reside in sunny Southern California, surrounded by warm weather and water. If I lived there I would turn into a total beach bum, gravitating towards bohemian type, beachy, hippie chic looks. What is your personal style like, and is it at all influenced by where you live?
I'll be a beach bum til death! Cut offs, sun dresses year around, very relaxed and easy. Sarongs are a staple in my wardrobe. My style can definitely be influenced by my immediate environment, but I always keep it simple and flattering, trying to tiptoe on the line between sexy and comfortable. 

Besides you’re easy to navigate online boutique, can my readers find your pieces anywhere else?
Yeyo Arts Collective. 
Do you plan to branch out to any other industries in the design realm?
More and more I've started relating my designs to different facets of interior design--I could definitely see myself expanding into that arena at some point in the future.
I’m always reading designers started by designing clothes for themselves, with eventual growth into a brand; do you design with the intention of wanting/wearing all your pieces?
Definitely! Rockin' what you make is MUST!
And lastly how in the world did you get to have such a large following, when did your first big break come?
Honestly, it came very gradually, mostly through Social Networks (twitter, Facebook and Tumblr), and word of mouth. I'm very fortunate that so many lovely ladies are so interested in my work, and not only want it for themselves but tell their friends about it. I wouldn't say there's been a big break--although the constant support of Patrice at, and other blogs,  has helped give me a huge boost in my visibility. Vending at local events is also a great way to get your name out there, and I definitely recommend it. It's been a beautifully organic process that I am very thankful for...I never envisioned this life for myself but I am very happy to be where I am.

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Contest over two weeks from today. Good Luck!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

crazy love

{H&M sweater coat, F21 skirt, J. Crew top, thrifted cowboy boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch}

Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway this week!!!

xo Carlina

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


{thrifted blazer, H&M button up shirt, M+O shorts, GAP clutch, Chinese Laundry pumps}

Ever since I started this blog- mostly showcasing my daily outfit selections- I have become one of those bloggers who never does smile, in pictures at least. And when I do crack a smile it seems weird and looks unnatural- to me (as opposed to mean mugging the cameraman I guess?!). Can you tell I'm not happy with the full body pics??!!

Anyways- rant over- I did love the closeup shots of this bf inspired outfit pick! I am in awe of the menswear trend and this little take on it definitely has my girly influence injected- pink shorts, leopard pumps and loads of gold jewelry, not to mention fun mint nails

Saturday, July 16, 2011

finally summer?

Lately summer around here has consisted of knee high boots, knit tribal sweaters, layers and massive scarves wrapped tightly around my neck, with a heavy dose of arm candy involved. But every so often we get a weekend so perfect, that I almost forget how fiercely, yet normally cold it can get here in my neck of the woods. But this day it actually felt like summer.

{xhilaration maxidress, semi DIY kimono, BCBG Paris sandals, refinery29 bag, arm cuff handmade in Barcelona}

Monday, July 11, 2011

five snaps

What's currently on my radar at the moment: mismatched blue polish tones (obvi), watermelon beer, Chanel buttons turned wearable earrings, and spike bracelet- not in any order.

Bracelet and earrings currently in heavy rotation.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

pink accents- white lace

{F21 lace dress & sunnies, GAP trenchcoat, Trina Turk scarf, no name bellbottoms, Old Navy bag, not shown SM platforms}

I took a risk this day and did up the see thru lace top trend- I'm not much for showing a lot of skin, but this ethereal-hippie-esque look was much easier to pull off than I expected. The "lace top" is actually a lace dress I tucked into my bells (see it as a dress here). The upper half of this outfit was much more interesting and overall aesthetically pleasing than the lower half- San Francisco wind storm plus super bellbottoms equal unflattering, and uncute pictures!

I had just watched a CARLOS the Jackal 3 part Sundance mini-series and was pretty inspired by the '70's in Paris' hippie look the females in the movies portrayed so well- hence my overtly bohemian attempt to recreate it on a much less obvious level.

Insanely riveting yet completely devoid of all emotion that guy Carlos. Anyone else see this series or hear of this guy before? Google it- crazyass revolutionary born IIich Ramirez Sanchez, but better known as Carlos.