Tuesday, January 31, 2012

spotted: neutrals at work

{Old Navy blouse, H&M pencil skirt, thrifted blazer, J. Crew heels, unknown necklace purchased via Poshmark, Shop Blue Vanilla double finger ring}

I love dressing up for work, and this sassy yet 9-5 appropriate look totally did it for me! The pop of colors in the necklace, and my bright digits reminded me that I work in a creative, start up environment and not some stuffy office! And can we talk about these heels? The wrap around look has been on my radar for awhile, but alas, these types of shoes are not so easy to find. Any tips on where I can find more? I'm currently digging the Jean-Michel Cazabat Isolas, but hrmph- they are sold out!! 


  1. Superrrr cute! I love your whole ensemble - purple blazer, leopard shirt, pencil skirt. So cute!



  2. this is such a beautiful feminine and professional look! Suits you :)

  3. Boss lady! This is such a contrast from what I wear to work, but I love it! Crazy as it sounds, I actually miss a more business formal office every now and again...okay, rarely...

    Wish I could see those nails up close - the color looks gorgeous. What is it?

  4. This outfit was KILLLLLERR. And those shoes, love!

    <3 Amanda

  5. Chic look, I'm always surprised and amazed with old navy, you can find beautiful pieces there like your blouse. Love the heels as well.


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