Tuesday, February 28, 2012

pajama (polka dot pants) party

{American Apparel sweatshirt, H&M pants, Pink VS blazer, Zara: heels, bag and flower pin}

I'm currently out of a home at the moment- the apartment complex I live in is fumigating for termites (ewww!) so I packed a bag for the next few days, and crossed my fingers that my outfits for work would come out ok! Well, one of my goto trends for spring are 'polka dots'- so of course maybe not the most reasonable, or easy to pair pieces with, but in the bag these party pants went. 

And, I am the first to admit, I think the whole look it a little pajama-esque, but fully adequate for the living situation I'm in, I guess. Anyways pajama's are on trend, right?

If any of you are in SF tonight- my Poshmark co-workers and I are throwing a massive #poshparty at Acre/SF! Shop, mingle and poshmark with us! Come say hi- I would love to meet you!! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

my translation of the oscars, or parisian chic

{Gap: trench, turtleneck, & jeans; Steve Madden boots}

So I just realized this, putting the post together- yes, I officially do love the Gap. It's definitely got good basics- and that's exactly what this outfit consists of! I think I was trying for Parisian- it was even the first time wearing red lips for work. But, when I showed the final pics to the BF, he said it reminded him of the wardrobe in the Oscar nominated movie Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy. Strange, but true- I guess it is a bit Euro circa 1970's. Any of guys see it- pretty amazing huh?! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

what to wear when you don't feel like dressing up!

{Empyre blazer, Old Navy tee, Gap jeans, J. Crew wraparound heels, Zara handbag, scarf from vendor in Jerusalem} 

When you work in a creative environment like I do, you tend to get excited by trends in mags, on blogs, and in my case chic girls in the office always inspiring me. So I tend to overdress on most days, but this day I was not feeling the pencil skirt and Chanel-esque jacket I was planning on wearing. Instead I went for comfort and loved the easy going, yet still appropriate for work and play look I came up with. Here's to comfort- some of the time! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

tied up

{H&M blouse and jacket, sequin skirt found at Marshalls, Asos tie, Zara handbag, Tory Burch loafers via Poshmark}

If you've been reading the blog for longer than a few weeks, you know my latest obsession is a good neck accessory. Not just limited to a jumble of strong statement necklaces, the neck accessory category definitely includes bow ties, collar tips, and as pictured above the very androgynous neck tie! And no, this isn't a clip on. Funny enough, as much as I love this look, I actually don't know how to tie this bad boy- so of course either the bf ties it before I leave to work, or my very fashion forward colleague Amanda

Check out this article on Gizmodo where my I get bow tie addiction featured! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the standard

{Apt 9 blouse, Ark & Co. skirt, J. Crew heels, BCBG collar necklace, Zara purse}

As odd as it sounds these wraparound ankle heels, this mesh metal collar necklace, and this vegan leather skirt have become staples in my closet, and my work and play outfit rotation. Never in a million years, would I have thought these would become staples, but here we are, and yes, this is what I'm feeling for the season. Hard to believe, since my previous job required boring slacks, company provided polo shirts, and steel toe boots!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

spots and stripes

{Audrey 3+1 sweater, Old Navy cheetah blouse, Gap blazer, J. Crew Denim, Zara pumps & bag, bracelets: Jewelmint, F21, J. Crew and Poshmark}

In a totally unplanned move, weeks ago, I wore this bright get-up to work, and feel it's so completely appropriate to showcase on this red and pink confectionary holiday. So Happy Valentine's Day, my dears. Oh, and please don't mind the string peaking out of my sweater. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

college prep

{J. Crew blazer, Calvin Klein turtle neck, Hollister flannel, Gap jeans, Dolce Vita boots, Honey 

Got to love a look that says "Hi, I'm your AP Science substitute teacher, kids!" Well, it wasn't what I was going for, but looking at the photos now, it screams college prep, no?! The turtleneck, blazer thing was getting a bit old, so I found a way to spice it up by adding a slight pop of color with a peek of bright red flannel. And of course no outfit of mine is complete without an overdose of jewelry, so bold black jewelry was in order- with these amazing dagger earrings by Gold & Citrus, and a fun edgy spike bracelet! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

casual friday

{Madewell chambray top, H&M pants, Jean-Michel Cazabat heels, Hollister beanie, Blue Vanilla necklace, Rebbecca Minkoff purse turned clutch}

Since the work world deems it appropriate to name the last day of the work week casual, I gave myself an out, and sort of fell for the pressure of the slogan on this yucky cold Friday. Don't get me wrong, I normally love to dress to the nines on any given (fri)day. So I bundled up in layers, but had to throw on heels, jewelry and a fancy bag for good measure!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

off duty in bow ties

{H&M button up, ASOS bow-tie, J. Crew: jeans and flats}

This look came from the bottom of my suitcase, while traveling to LA: a crumpled up, dying to be ironed shirt, and one of my signatures- the bow-tie. I sort of have an obsession, I think. But, paired the look down with my fave cuffed jeans, and strappy sandals. Ah, summertime I can feel you getter closer and closer, then again- everyday sort of feels like that in LA!

Monday, February 6, 2012

blue crush

{UO blouse and necklace, H&M trousers via London(town), Zara heels}

I wore this look to a work photo-shoot. The team was doing head-shots for the company site, and I wanted something chic and sophisticated, but still fun and very ME! This top is perfection, sheer, a pop of color and-- hello, sleeveless for those upcoming hot spring days! And of course the python pants make a repeat performance. I can't seem to stay away, the cut, the print and the fit have me obsessed with them right now! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

california winter

{J. Crew boys plaid shirt, Asos suede shorts, BCBG collar necklace, Zara purse}

This was my Friday work outfit! Yes sir, suede shorts in the winter time. I couldn't ask for better weather year round, mind you this is in the San Francisco Bay Area- where it's usually really cold. Speaking of good weather, right now I'm in sunny Los Angeles! I was here for the big #LAposhparty that Poshmark threw at the Cresent Hotel last night. And it was fabulous, huge thanks to all who came out to support us last night! It was so great to meet old friends, and make new ones! 

xo Carlina