Tuesday, June 5, 2012

neon brights

1. Recent Friday night DIY
2. Zara mirror print frock
3. Tahoe casino lights
4. Currently on digit rotation
5. Insanely bright -but, oh, so good- new yellow hue
6. Snack with a side of fashion

Neon hues have very much been on my radar lately. But instead of over saturating my wardrobe in these larger than life shades, I incorporate tiny but brilliant punches in my everyday outfits. How are you rocking this neon trend?

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  1. Such a cute trend!


  2. I agree accessories are the way to go. I'm about to spray paint some thrifted heels neon yellow green. A little spray paint goes a long way.

  3. You know how I feel about this post.


  4. I am in LOVE with your DIY bracelet!! Too cute!!

  5. i'm loving on neon too! just got a neon skinny belt from target that i can't wait to wear!

  6. Girl, you're on fire, love the bracelet and pops of neon to brighten up, well just about any outfit!

  7. You know I'm loving and am possibly ODing on the neon trend! LOVE IT! Great second shot and loving the necklaces. Ever since I missed out on the H&M neon necklace (grrrrr) I've been looking for something similar. The one in the last shot is cool! Just ordered a different kinda neon necklace on Etsy. Hope I like it :) Happy Hump Day!


  8. I'm following ;) Love those necklaces, they'd be so perfect over a white tee!

  9. wow, those earring and necklace are so gorgeous, perfect for summer!!!

  10. Being a black/grey/white girl (a by-product of working in fashion: TOO MUCH COLOUR!) I've been a bit alarmed by the neon trend, but have gradually warmed up to it. You my friend have definitely helped - you rock it! I took the plunge and bought a neon bracelet, paired with some bright orange nails...one step at a time huh...!

    V x


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