Friday, September 28, 2012


{Xhilaration lace dress, Princess by Vera Wang jacket, Nine West boots, Stella & Dot Lillith Fringe necklace}

You know it's the first signs of fall when I pull out the boots, and the autumnal colors. To be completely honest I usually like a little more vibrancy to my outfits- as if I need to be telling you this!- but this Stella & Dot gold Lillith Fringe necklace did add the perfect amount of bling to my outfit. 

These boots are my latest purchase- well one of them- and trust me when I tell you I actually look forward to walking up and down the San Francisco hills in these comfortable boots! You'll be seeing a lot more of them...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

what i wore: FNO

{princess by Vera Wang jacket, a.n.a tee, Newport News flannel, vintage necklace, Jean-Michel Cazabat heels}

I was feeling a little more badass than normal, and this ladies and gents is how the above look came about. Some might argue it's heinous and unflattering- the addition of the 90's grunge flannel definitely does not detract from my hips- while some actually saw my vision. 

The tee, the rolled up denim, the shoes and the jacket were already part of the look- but it was missing something- even the very large pendant didn't do the trick. From the corner of my closet the flannel, um, spoke to me. 

And even after reevaluating the mixed reviews- the flannel stayed. Funny thing is I'm glad it did, it made the look more me. You may have already seen the bottom half of this outfit if your following me via Instagram- if not I'm @allergictovanilla. After sharing and tagging the image on FNO- I was notified that the Man Repeller- of all freaking style genius'- picked my FNO look as her favorite to win a gift from Paige denim!! 

Moral of the story is- we are all separated by six degrees to someone fabulous, and maybe not so fabulous, but that's for another blog post. So if you are on Instagram and I'm not already following you please leave your handle so I can stalk be inspired by your style! And of course I'd be eternally grateful- if you were inspired by my style, in the slightest- to want to follow me back. :)

Happy freakin' hump day, loves. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

fearless fashion

{F21 varsity jacket, Target tee, J.Crew jeans, Crocs boat shoes c/o, BCBG necklace, Zara handbag, Ray-Bans}

When Croc's first came out, I was appalled. Those hideous clog-like, rubber shower shoes best reserved for traveling tourists and children under ten- definitely got under my skin. How could anyone choose to wear them, I thought (don't hate me, you know you thought the same!). Well, when Cosmopolitan mag and Palladium sent me a pair of shoes to style for their "Fearless Fashion" campaign you could imagine my surprise when all I knew about the pair was that they were Crocs!

Fearless fashion, indeed. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the cute boat shoes arrive at my doorstep, and instantly thought of a few ways to style them. I knew I wanted to wear them with a striped top- a play on their nautical vibe, if you will- and possibly a navy blazer with a red lip. What I ended up with was what I like to call "casual glamour"- a blinged out collar necklace complimented this low key sporty look. While these Croc boat shoes won't be replacing my Jean-Michel Cazabat's anytime soon- they will absolutely be joining me on morning coffee runs, and days out on the water.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

the mixed media movement

{a.n.a. t-shirt, Zara pencil skirt, Zara jacket, Zara handbag, Jean-Michel Cazabat Isola heels, Kenneth Cole necklace}

I've always been intrigued by the mixed media movement, it started a few seasons ago, and then when the Zara jacket came to Europe it sort of made me crazy- it was for purchase everywhere, but the US. I stalked that jacket until it was mine, insanity temporarily subsided and all was right in the world again. So I had the mixed media jacket situation down. 

When I saw these Jean-Michel Cazabat heels it was like two seasons all over again, and well, they had to be mine. They went on sale, but not nearly as much as I would of liked- I held out, and they sold out! Ay ay ay... thank goodness for sites like My Habit- where shopaholics like me can get their fix. 

So I have the shoes, now how the heck do I style them? On this particular day- my girlfriend invited me to the Santana Row Fall Fashion Show- and I wanted the shoes to stand on their own. Strange, since I never want anything to stand on it's own- I generally throw on a whole lot, all together, at the same time! But I went out on a limb and did the "fashion black" look. I'm generally a colorful person- I swear- but the little extras in this outfit still made this look very me. The shoes- obviously- and the zippered skirt, the red pout and of course my mirrored sunnies. Sometimes it's all about mixing it up and stepping out of your comfort zone. While black it still not my favorite color, this look is definitely something I'll be trying again real soon. 

I want to know, how do you get out of your comfort zone?!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my moments

Life is so unpredictable and short that sometimes you have to capture the moments that put a smile on your face. Here are a few of mine...

1. Celebrating my birthday over amazing wine with amazing company
2. Making my own "top-finger" rings- by purchasing rings that were too small
3. Fabulous FNO heels, with my very grunge 90's outfit
4. Hanging with good girlfriends in Alamo Square Park at my Stella & Dot trunk show (which you can still shop via this link!!)
5. A gilded mani with doubled up rings for the weekend

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

polished in polka dots

 {Charlotte Russe dress, Bauble Bar necklace, BCBG sandals, vintage Bottega Venetta hobo, UO ring, vintage bracelet, SEE sunglasses}

This was day two of the Livermore Wine Harvest and I opted to wear one of my favorite sundresses. I've had this dress over five years and it never fails to disappoint, the silhouette is perfect and can you say- no weird tan lines?! Plus wearing red when wine tasting isn't a bad idea, if you know what I mean.

Friday, September 14, 2012

red, red wine

{Free People jacket, F21 tee, Old Navy shorts, Cynthia Vincent x Target wedges, vintage Bottega Venetta hobo, SEE sunglasses, SASA hoops, Bauble Bar necklace, UO ring, Love Me Pretty claw cuff}

Anybody that knows me, knows wine is my poison of choice, red wine to be specific. And if I had an extra day to myself I'd spend it sipping good wine, soaking up the sun in a beautiful vineyard. I had the opportunity to attend the Livermore 31st Annual Harvest Celebration, for my birthday- and loved every last drop. 

The heat was on the unbearable side, hence the lack of clothes. But, mixing prints and patterns is my specialty- so I loved mixing the little that I did have on. Clashing the Cynthia Vincent neon platforms and the kimono-esque vibe of the Free People jacket made me smile. I can't wait to do it all over again next year!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

boy meets girl

{Gap coat, H&M button up, J Brand skinnies, Tory Burch loafers, Zara handbag, American Eagle cap}

I've never been quite the girly girl. While I love myself a good matching suit set and an overload of embellishments, I've always gravitated towards menswear. And putting my spin on the menswear trend has never been more fun. Maybe next time I'll add a red lip, or dramatic cat eye?

How do you rock your menswear?

Monday, September 10, 2012

a memorable last day

{Zara moto jacket, LC Lauren Conrad shorts, UO tank, Soludos footwear, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ann Taylor necklace, SEE sunnies}

Our last day in Montreal included metro rides, a tour of the Canadian Centre of Architecture (one of the best Archictecture museums in the world!), a deliciously unexpected pitstop in a tiny Indian restaurant, and leaving my beloved jacket -in this post- behind at our hotel. Let's just say tears might have been shed. I had an amazing trip but leaving behind my jacket put a bit of a damper on that memorable last afternoon. While I did have the option to potentially go back to rescue my jacket, it would have meant not getting on our already cutting-it-close flight. So I decided to stop throwing a fit, and call the hotel once I calmed down to inquire if it was still there, and if they could ship it to me. $27 dollars later my jacket is home and I've come to the realization that I am way too emotional about my clothes.

Enough about me, has something like this ever happened to you, and how did you deal?!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


{J. Crew sequin top, chambray top, Asos bow tie and skirt, SEE sunglasses, Zara handbag and shoes, vintage bracelet}

Today's the big day, hope you are doing and wearing something fabulous!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

white after labor day

{Zara dress and jacket, MIA sandals, vintage Louis Vuitton bag, Uurban Outfitters watch, Rocks Paper Metal bracelet, nOir bracelet, Love of Pretty bracelet}

How appropriate that I showcase one of my favorite white dresses after labor day? This frock is one of my favorite scores during the mega biannual Zara sale- it's got a gorgeous line of spikes along the neck and down the back. I'm not usually one to follow fashion rules, so you most definitely will see this number again- sooner than you think.