Sunday, November 18, 2012

transform your shopping experience...

With the holidays coming up, and Black Friday only days away, too many of us are faced with the frenzy of gift giving, and present shopping for oneself (guilty as charged!) As much as I love spending hours in a mecca of beautiful clothing and -ahem- sometimes unnecessary goodies, who has the time? Stores can get overwhelming, and online shopping can add up with shipping charges from each individual store. So when I found out about a shopping app that lets you shop all your favorite stores, and websites in one place, on the go- your iphone or android- and all in just one click with their Universal Cart system, I had to try it out! The Best Decision app by Leap Commerce is just that. It helps you find your holiday shopping at the best price, and even gives you search functionality to locate gifts-on-the-go near you.

So pretty much what it comes down to- a free, mobile shopping app is going to save you time, money and your still going to get that shopping high when you get all your pretty purchases, from all those different stores when you buy them through the Best Decision app with a single checkout click. Sounds good to me!

Testing the app I searched many different sites, not just fashion related. I'm a big fan of home decor, so I searched for a few items that I already had my eye on like: a deer sculpture from Elle's home collection, a pair of gilded pig bookends from CB2- and they were both there! I added them to my cart and I kept shopping. Up next, a little something for my closet from Asos. I instantly added an amazing suede sheath and a pretty peplum belt. One checkout, one shipping charge, super easy- this is going to make my life a lot less complicated this holiday season. Now if only there was an app to figure out what to buy everyone...

Have you ever tried out this app? I'd love to know your thoughts!

*I am a member of the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective, and I am being compensated by #LLBlog and Leap Commerce for posting this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Oooh, this looks pretty useful. Not much of an apps fan but this is brilliant.

    Loved your burgundy jacket in the previous post by the way. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  2. I love ASOS! Great post! :)

  3. I think that technology is doing amazing things, love the concept of this app


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