Thursday, January 24, 2013

layering at the flower shop

{thrifted dress (amazing paisley option here), Autumn Cashmere vest, Empyre blazer, Cynthia Vincent for 12th St belt (sale option), Forever21 necklace, Franco Sarto boots, Dior tights, H&M beret}

The art of layering is one only perfected after years of living and working in a chilly city. Now I'm not saying I've perfected it- because sometimes a fur vest just won't work under a blazer, no matter how hard you try to squeeze those arms in- but, I'd like to think I'm getting pretty good at it. It's all about thin layers- is what I heard on the Wendy Williams show the other day (How you doin'?!) I also think the belt helps cinch everything in too- while it may cut you in half, this accessory is great at accentuating your pretty curves. 

How about that stunning flower shop in the back? Anyone else love strolling by the flower market on their lunch?


  1. Love the layers! I've been playing around with blazers too. I just might have to pull this look off for myself! ;)


  2. Love the layering and the fact that youre in the shop wearing flowers, how cute!

  3. OMG Wendy Williams is one crazy woman! She cracks me up! I love how the sweetly razz her on The Soup! I love this look, especially your socks peeking out of your boots!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  4. You looks fabulous as always. I'm still working on my layers game so I still have hits and misses. I love the mosaic print feel to the dress, the cozy textures and pop of color on your nails!


  5. LOVE this whole outfit & that hat looks fabulous on you!

    xo Jackie

  6. Wonderful outfit and I love your smile.:-)

  7. I love your yellow nails goign to steal some inpiration there and blog about it! I will link back to this blog aswell! so I will follow!

  8. I love all this layering and I am huge sucker for a beret. So cute!

    check us out? follow us back?

  9. I love the colour of your purse! Its such a nice pop of colour with the outfit you are wearing xo

  10. Love all the layers!!!! Great pics!

    Rachel Ashley

  11. Ok, you just got pinned girl! :-)
    This is a great look, you really have perfected the art... I spotted a girl on the tube in London yesterday doing a fur vest over her black leather jacket and it looked wicked ... so guess what I'll be wearing on Monday...!

    Vanessa x


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