Monday, February 4, 2013

80's lady

{Zara leather jacket (interesting take on a moto jacket), H&M men's sweatshirt (fun leather option), Urban Outfitters jeans (great high-waisted option), Zara booties, J. Crew Biennial Satchel, Forever 21 necklace, Ray-Ban Wayfarers}

Not sure if it's the influence of the show Carrie Diaries, depicted in the 80's (anyone else watching?), if it's constantly being surrounded by fashion at work, through your blogs- and trying to reinvent the wheel with a new outfit each day, or if it was because I was headed to a concert this night- but I was totally feeling this 80's-esque look! Acid wash jeans are back in my opinion. My sister and I happened to both end up wearing almost identical acid wash jeans to lunch this day! Great minds, right? 

Also how fabulous are those red lanterns in the background? San Francisco is getting ready for  Chinese New Year- and I couldn't be more excited!

Photos by Lauren Miller

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  1. Love the jeans. I really have to get a pair so I can rock 'em hard! One day I'll have to visit San Francisco, sounds like a beautiful place!

  2. LOVING this combo I'm afraid to say you just got pinned again :-)
    In the words of Rachel Zoe, you look BANANAS.

    Vanessa x


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