Thursday, July 18, 2013

black & white suit

{SheInside white blazer c/o, a.n.a. leatherette top (amazing option!). J. Crew factory cropped pants, Steve Madden brogues, 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli, jewelry: TOKYObay, vintage, Ariel Gordon, Stella & Dot} 

This summer suit was inspired by an image of a very chic woman dressed a bit like a man- white blazer over all black, with brogues. I knew instantly I had to try and emulate the look- it looked so cool together and I had all the elements in my closet! It came out a success, I was super comfortable at work, looked good and letting my hair down like this kept a good balance of feminine and masculine. What's your take on women in menswear? Check out the below article on a few key pieces every woman's wardrobe should have...

Classic Looks No Wardrobe Should Be Without

When it comes to fashion there is no right and wrong, and what you wear is an expression of your personality and style. A good collection of clothes is one you have gathered over the years made up of things that you love and represent parts of your personality. If you follow fashion the latest trends will be evident in your wardrobe and style will be a part of who you are as a person. 

No matter what you’re into and what other clothes you have in your wardrobe, there are a few staples that no woman should be without. These items are the meat and potatoes of the fashion world and will get you out of innumerate fashion dilemmas. You can find the best of basics, and so much more, in the range of womens clothing at George, all at great value prices. 

Jeans and Tee
There is a reason that smart jeans and a plain white t-shirt are the clothes of choice for models at casting calls. This is probably the simplest of all outfits, but this means it shows off natural beauty wonderfully and demonstrates your figure without over embellishment. You can wear this outfit with heeled court shoes, winter boots, ballet flats, or even just with trainers. It can also be dressed up or down with accessories to great effect and is the fall back outfit of choice - great for shopping or a relaxed weekend.

Little Black Dress
Three words that every woman knows and loves are: Little. Black. Dress. The dress that is there when you have nothing to wear, the one that can be adapted to fit any dress code and any occasion at a moments notice, this is the dress you simply cannot live without. Find one that flatters your figure, and that you feel fabulous in, and you will come to rely on this item whenever you utter the words, “I have nothing to wear”.

Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses can be worn in spring, summer and autumn, dressed up or down to suit the occasion and always with an effortlessly elegant result. Elongate your body and appear taller and slimmer in this flattering and beautiful style. Whether you go for a plain dress and style it with accessories, or follow this year’s trend and buy a maxi from George at Asda in a bright a bold print, you can wear this look anywhere, from the beach to a wedding. 

Smart Suit
A sharp looking suit is not just for men. Women need a good smart outfit to wear to interviews, business meetings and formal occasions. Make it a little more feminine by teaming a pencil skirt with a blouse and suit jacket rather than opting for an androgynous looking traditional suit. 

There you have it. The key items every woman should have in her wardrobe. Collect accessories that represent your personality and add in items of clothing that you love to customize the basic arsenal of clothing. Grow your own collection around this core selection, but rest safe in the knowledge that you will always have something to wear, in every situation. 

Photography by Alex, article by Cath

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  1. So simple and elegant. Definitely love this.

  2. Love love, you are too cute!


  3. gimmie ure bag now!!!

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  4. I freaking love menswear. Reminds me of Janet Jackson. Super sexy. I have a floral tie I've been dying to post. Will wear it soon.

  5. discovered your blog about a month ago and im so glad i did! id wear everything you wear. literally all of it.

  6. Chic chic chic! Love the black & white. <3

  7. Your hair does give the look a great balance. I love menswear on women, well, when it's graced with a feminine touch, that is. I love the sleek lines and the no-nonsense look guys have. And it's even better on women.


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