Tuesday, July 23, 2013

my moments: summer in the city


While it's not your typical summer -generally no sun, and hardly a heat wave- San Francisco still has it's summer-like qualities. I'm not complaining though- I've already starting thinking about my navy and leather-rich pre-fall wardrobe

Here is a tiny glimpse into my summer so far...

-Walking to work and passing the Prada window everyday...dangerous
-My favorite kind of dinner. Summer salad with lots of veggies and cheese!
-This utility jacket has been providing me comfort from the cold.
-Super Duper ice cream. Just because it's Friday.
-New bling from the fab ladies at Rocks Paper Metal!

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  1. i want to come visit you one day girl!!! :D hope you are enjoying the great weather :D

  2. Great shots - Loving those pieces of jewelry! <3

  3. This is my first summer in SF, and it's taking some getting used to. It's such a great city, though, I'm willing to overlook this one shortcoming. ;-)

    And I love your butterfly sweater! It looks lovely on you.


  4. I totally feel you on the struggle walking past Prada on the way to work each day! I've had to put my sunglasses on and look down just to get to work on time lol. Looking great girlie!

    xo, Alex
    Vast Aspiration


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