Monday, November 18, 2013

my moments: paris snapshots

{where he proposed!!}
 {the best sunsets!)

 {daily dose of espresso}
 {seriously best falafel ever, in Marais- and yes that was the line!}

{love locks}

Oh man, I soo miss Paris! It was our third city during our summer vacation to Europe this year, my third time visiting and most certainly not the last. If you follow me on instagram (@allergictovanilla), you might already know, but almost two months ago in this grand city I got engaged!! My fiancĂ© put a ton of thought, planning, and love into this trip and the whole engagement part of it. And, hello- it's a Tiffany's ring- the little things right ;) I feel so lucky, because he is the best. 

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  1. Beautiful photos from a beautiful city!!!!Congratulations on your engagement!!!!!!What's the better place to get proposed to:-)!!!!!! lucky You!!!!

  2. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! You and Francisco are too cute!! Love the pics!


  3. Beautiful darling! Miss you!

  4. I've had that falafel, a friend who used to live there is obsessed with it.
    Congrats on your engagement, your ring is indeed beautiful!
    Are your stats packed with Canadians these days, I've told all of my friends to follow you too!

  5. what a beautiful couple! congrats again. paris is magical :)

  6. Awww! Congrats!!! I was just in Paris on an "engagementmoon" of sorts too! Best city, EVER! =D

  7. Oh how lovely!! Congratulations!!! Beautiful setting to get engaged in.. and I love how you brought a little bit of SF with you on the trip


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