Wednesday, January 8, 2014

my shopstyle challenge

When ShopStyle asked me to participate in their #WeShopStyle campaign, and showcase a few of my favorite pieces in an unconventional way, ie lying down, I was thrilled and a little nervous, not sure if I could pull it off. Turns out picking my favorite closet staples made me realize I love not only outlandish prints, and vivid outfits but that I gravitate toward elegant leather separates- something that was made more apparent on this challenge.

From top to bottom, left to right here are my favorite closet items:
-Fur Collar (via Ann Taylor): it's perfect for a tepid winter, something that glams up any old workday outfit, like this.
-Leather tee (via Express): enough said. I mean no accessorizing necessary, this top does has it all.
-Fedora: I included two of my favorites here from Goorin Bros and Eugenia Kim. They have been worn non-stop this season, and cover up a multitude of bad hair days.
-Printed Pencil skirt (via H&M): the most "allergic to vanilla" skirt I own. The piping down the sides makes the look more grown up
-Studded loafers (via Zara): while I love a great pair of pumps, walking to and from work in San Francisco makes more sense in sensible shoes, so they might as well be stylish!
-Doctor bag (via trip to Prague): this little lady fits everything so stylishly, I've run her down a little, but she's still perfect, and reminds me of my European travels last summer.
-Stacks of necklaces (via Chloe and Isabel, and Azalea): I'm a big jewelry girl, the more the merrier I say, so just one statement necklace wasn't enough, sometimes I like to stack two, or three, statement necklaces. ;)
-Sherpa moto jacket (via PJK from Bloomies): You've seen this jacket on my instagram, or my blog posts and here it is again. It's so warm, and the classic colors let it pair well with everything from a printed skirt to sequin pants!
-Skirts (leatherette skirt via Ark & Co. and striped one via eShaki): while I'm definitely a jeans girl I love a good skirt, from pencil, to A-line, to fluted I love them all

{what I'm wearing: J. Crew blazer, H&M flower pin, ShopStyle tee, Zara pencil skirt, J. Crew Collection heels}

FYI, if you didn't already know Miranda Kerr is the spokesmodel for this campaign, and she does it flawlessly- check out her commercial here!

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Photography via Francisco Guerrero


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