Thursday, April 24, 2014


{Ilano pillow c/o, Kohl's Deer head, Target faux-fur throw, Catherine Ellen Candles c/o}

While all you fabulous people were out at Coachella the last few weekends, I was here... Couchella. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I reside here most evenings after work, and when there is an important marathon to watch, Game of Thrones anyone? So this space needs to be relaxing and happy for me. It's also one of the places that is constantly being updated and "redone" to reflect the time of year. With Festival Season barely starting and the warmer temps heating up I'm in full redecorating mode, and this setup is exactly where I want to "live" on my down time. 

The ultimate for me are vivid colors with an interesting texture. That's why these Ilano pillows are everything! I can't get over the bohemian feel and brightness they bring to my space. Besides being beautiful there are two things I love about them- they are handwoven wool on one side and leather on the other (!), and they are made in Oaxaca, Mexico by generations of women master weavers who have been featured in the Smithsonian Museum. Impressive and beautiful. What do you guys think, anyone else need one of these Ilano pillows on their couch?

Shop my living room below:

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  1. haha! trust - couchella sounds like a whole lot of fun right now. LOVE those pillows - the print is fabulous.


  2. Dude, Couchella for the win.
    Don't mind me, I'll just be biting your style over here.

  3. haha, cute post! i love your deer antler statue


  4. Couchella? You are hilarious! I spent my weekend the same way! Love your new pillows! xoxo, BA

  5. Love that top! The pop of color is great for the spring


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