Wednesday, May 14, 2014

leather & layers


I wore this look to the Puretergent press breakfast last week in Hayes Valley, I knew there would be some majorly stylish babes there so I wore my "editor" pants, they hardly come out (kind of like those J.W.Anderson heels from Monday) but when they do, my whole look feels a bit more elegant and elevated. Pairing these wide-leg, all-business trousers with a more gritty leather and neoprene top just made sense and was the perfect outfit for the event. 

Check out some more great leather sleeved and wide-leg trouser options below:

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Photography by Alex


  1. I love your outfit! This is such a comfortable cute look! Your shoes are amazing and I love your nail polish! Very pretty color!

  2. You belong on a movie set. That's all. xoxo, Bethann


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