Wednesday, June 4, 2014


{Marine Layer tee c/o, Rag & Bone denim skirt c/o Bloomingdales, thrifted boys vest, J. Crew Collection pumps, handbags from Prague, rings: Urban Outfitters, vintage, Brownie and Madam sunglasses c/o, NYX lipstick in Indie Flick}

Not sure if it's because I'm getting older (and wiser) or if it's the warmer weather starting to ramp up, but I've been loving wearing my hair down. I know, you're are all on this train that I clearly have been missing for the longest. This length has always been the perfect one for me, so maybe it's me finally being happy with my hair, it's style and texture. I always "hated" my curls, but loved them on other girls, so for the most part on this blog you'll see my hair up, slicked back, under a hat, or straight. For some reason, these past few weeks I'm loving it natural. Go figure.

And since we're on the topic, I've been toying with the idea to go a few shades lighter a la Nicole-Richie-lavender. I know, it's extreme. What do you guys think?

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  1. LOVE when your curls are out!!


  2. I agree with Donna. Your curls are gorgeous!
    Definitely experiment with hair color. I think you could rock any color, but lavender would be really pretty.

  3. I have 100% always wanted lavender hair. DO IT!! Pretty extreme on the maintenance side, but your hair is short enough that the upkeep won't be as costly as it could be!


  4. Absolutely LOVING that skirt! :) Happy Wednesday! xx!

  5. gosh i want that skirt!!! i'd live in it.

    women and out hair. it's such a struggle. i love your curls and if anyone could pull of lavender it'd be you! it's so un-vanilla :)

  6. Such a great outfit! Simple yet chic! And shoes, oh gosh, those shoes are awesome! I'm in love with both the bows and the print!

    Victoria, 'The Wind of Inspiration' blog


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