Wednesday, July 30, 2014

white lightening

{Helmut Lang blazer, Keepsake skirt c/o Adela Mei boutique, Marine Layer muscle tee, Zara sandals, handbag from Prague, Caravelle watch}

There's just something about an all, or mostly, white look. It's clean, minimalist and seems quite put together. As the San Francisco summer weather situation is still sorting itself out, I'm determined to wear light, bright colors and this kind of getup is definitely my kind of summer look.

This Keepsake skirt is the newest member of my closet and it came from the sweet team at Adela Mei. Adela Mei is a "Petite Boutique" they carry clothing for the petite woman and only use models that are 5'4 and under- so petite ladies like us can get a realistic view on how the clothing will actually look. I'm pretty sold on that philosophy, when I saw this skirt on the model I thought it was gorgeous but that it might be too long. Turns out the skirt actually makes me look (feel?) taller, the slit is cut perfectly for a smaller frame. Can't wait to sport it again- striped top, denim jacket, crop top? The possibilities are endless.

What's your take on all white for work?

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Photography by Francisco Guerrero 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

floral fascination

{nameless dress, Gap denim jacket, Ballys purse, B by Brian Atwood sandals c/o DSW, NYX Indie Flick lipstick}

This dress has been in my closet for over a year and a half, and this day was the second time I've worn it (I swear, there are so many hidden gems in that closet!) I became obsessed with it when the neoprene trend started going strong, I mean how on earth can neoprene not be obsessed over, it's one of the coolest materials out there. Beautiful vivid colors, good shape, and the large floral print hooked me in. Not sure what took me so long to wear it again but I'm most definitely planing to repeat this pretty little number next week in Maui!!

If any of you guys have been to Maui, I'd love your recs on places to go, where to eat, what to do, and where to go shopping- obvi.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

little lace shorts

{Zara blazer, J. Crew tee, lace shorts from Theory, Loly in the Sky oxfords c/o, doctor handbag from Prague, Zero UV sunglasses, Katie Dean feather necklace}

With sale season in full swing it's hard not to be tempted by every discount mailer, inbox alerts of sale on sale, and even worse when your girlfriends score the cutest dress for a fraction of the price. With that said I'm determined to swear off impulse buys this season, and I'm making an effort to wear whats already in my overstuffed closet. These little lace shorts were one of those impulse buys that I could never get rid of- they are just so darn cute. And living in and near a climate so fickle like San Francisco there was even less opportunity. So here I am debuting them, hopefully it doesn't take another 2 and a half years to wear them again. ;)

Check out some more little lace shorts, and very special pair of emerald ones that already has me tempting to break my new rule...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

weekend look

{Zara blazer, By Luciana tee, Abercrombie skirt- similar style (from college days- don't judge!), Goorin Bros. fedora, custom Converse c/o, Madewell calfhair clutch}

I'm determined to run around in bare legs for the majority of this summer even if San Francisco weather refuses to cooperate with me. This was my mantra and look for the weekend. In even more exciting and relevant news- we've moved from the suburbs into San Francisco. Now I don't just work here, but I get to enjoy it off-hours too and it's been pretty amazing! I love walking around exploring my neighborhood and making a mental list of all the places I want to eat at and spots I want visit. 

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This look is a little bit street, but it could also be considered "festival-style"- and with Outside Lands coming up, check out this style guide on what to wear this festival season...

 If you’re going to an open air music festival, you want to look hot and cool. Of course, you don’t have to wear the same clothes as you did in those Treasure Island wedding photos of your aunt. First of all, let me give you a general advice: the goal of your outfit is to make you feel good 5-6 hours in a big crowd, in the rain or in the summer heat.
     The main idea of your open air outfit is to provide an opportunity for you to leave away the urban outfits and try a new grungy style that’s cool, bohemian and makes you feel natural. The chosen outfit should represent your personality by maintaining that youthful air, without looking artificial. The perfect clothes are the ones that will make you look at the same time careless and chic.
    In the category “Don’t wear it” enter any office outfit (shirts, business suits), high heels, trainings, leggings, cocktail dresses and slippers. All these must be avoided, forget about them. When going to a music festival, you don’t want to look like the angry manager of the band playing, lost in a crowd of cool people.
    Here are some examples of looks that are visually pleasing and appropriate to the context, which may be adapted according to your own style and wardrobe:
- Shorts + white shirt half-tucked + airy kimono with colored print + santiags boots (cowboy) suede low heel + sunglasses;
- Casual slip dress + denim shirt left unbuttoned and worn with the sleeves rolled up + long necklace + gold + espadrilles sunglasses;
- Shorts or skirt + silky blouse + black sneakers + sunglasses with very dark lenses;
- Floral jumpsuit (long or short) + vest + gladiator sandals + small messenger bag;
- Asymmetrical dress (the 'tail' or train ")+ vest + denim or suede low heel boots, (Native American Style );
- Midi printed skirt+ a cropped top or bustier + sneakers;
- Shirtdress + sneakers;
- Transparent lace dress + male boxers ( underneath, of course!) + Biker boots;
- Jogger pants or boyfriend jeans + sports shirt+ espadrilles / canvas sneakers / Birkenstock sandals.

Article by Catherine Lavinia

Friday, July 18, 2014


This picture epitomizes summer for me. If only San Francisco climate allowed for bare shoulders and little denim bottoms I'd be one happy girl. Alas, I'll have to get my sunny fix elsewhere- I think heading to Maui next month might do the trick! I've only been once for a few days so I'd love your recommendations! 

I'm hooked on the off-the-shoulder trend that seems to be happening right now, I must admit I've always loved this look, trend or not. It's just nice I get a lot more variety in a different range of prices, I am loving all of the inexpensive ones Charlotte Russe are offering. I may have to get this one before they sell out- perfect for Maui, no?! 

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Friday, July 11, 2014

muscle tee

{Zara blazer, Marine Layer muscle tee c/o, J. Crew skinny jeans, B Brian Atwood wedges c/o DSW (good pair!), necklaces layered: Capwell, over M by Mango, Stila lipstick Beso 10}

Not quite sure I can pinpoint when my love of muscle tees began. I do know that the first time I saw Carrie Bradshaw in a muscle tee and some fabulous floaty skirt, eating pizza on the floor of one of her many admirers apartments I was forever hooked. Muscle tees go with anything, they are a bit masculine and edgy, and best of all, you get to show off those guns you've been working hard I right?

I wore this look to the Marine Layer Summer Soiree I hosted with Donna last Wednesday. Thank you so much to all who attended, it was a great turnout and so much fun!

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Photography by Donna

Thursday, July 10, 2014

summer in the city

{Staring at Stars fedora via Goorin Bros. sample sale, Marine Layer tee c/o, Rag & Bone skirt, B Brian Atwood wedges c/o DSW, Buji Baja straw tote}

Every one in a while Summer in San Francisco will actually feel like a true summer- for at least a few minutes at a time. Those are moments to savor- when you pull out your softest tees, summer hats, and fill your straw tote with picnic essentials before Karl the Fog comes in and ruins the fun. 

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Marine Layer HQ snaps

Yes, that is me looking at stripes, wearing stripes! Hmm...I wonder what I'll wear to the party?

Last week Donna and I were invited to peruse the Marine Layer HQ and workshop, enjoy a little shopping, and check out the space for our upcoming event (have you RSVP'd yet?!) 
It was quite special to see the upbeat entrepreneurial spirit the employees felt for the company, the urban startup-y space, and sneaking a peek into where the magic happens. 

I'd love to see you all on Wednesday, if you can't make it feel free to follow my Instagram feed for real time party snaps!

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Photography by Donna and Carlina