Friday, July 18, 2014


This picture epitomizes summer for me. If only San Francisco climate allowed for bare shoulders and little denim bottoms I'd be one happy girl. Alas, I'll have to get my sunny fix elsewhere- I think heading to Maui next month might do the trick! I've only been once for a few days so I'd love your recommendations! 

I'm hooked on the off-the-shoulder trend that seems to be happening right now, I must admit I've always loved this look, trend or not. It's just nice I get a lot more variety in a different range of prices, I am loving all of the inexpensive ones Charlotte Russe are offering. I may have to get this one before they sell out- perfect for Maui, no?! 

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  1. That off-the-shoulder number is cuuute! BA approved!

  2. first of all, love this!!!

    second of all, love maui. it's actually one of my fav places. i stayed on a resort in kaanapali and honestly if i never left the property i would have been ok, b/c it was so relaxing and so beautiful. BUT you can not leave there without taking the 10K ft drive up to haleakala volcano. it's surreal to drive above the clouds.

  3. Wow, a good idea, summer style. You have a good sense of style :)

  4. LOVE this look!! So excited for you to head to Maui, I'll send along a list of must-dos and eats!!


  5. Ihre Outfits sind genial, ist Freizeit komfortabler.


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