Thursday, July 10, 2014

summer in the city

{Staring at Stars fedora via Goorin Bros. sample sale, Marine Layer tee c/o, Rag & Bone skirt, B Brian Atwood wedges c/o DSW, Buji Baja straw tote}

Every one in a while Summer in San Francisco will actually feel like a true summer- for at least a few minutes at a time. Those are moments to savor- when you pull out your softest tees, summer hats, and fill your straw tote with picnic essentials before Karl the Fog comes in and ruins the fun. 

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  1. OF COURSE you rock the denim skirt. This is one trend I am more than a little terrified of, I think I wore them too much in my younger days or something :)

  2. Leopard and stripes, leopard and stripes, I love leopard and stripes! Okay, I have maybe had too much caffeine this morning... apologies. Carlina, you look LOVELYYYY and that Marina Layer top is too cute!!!!

  3. You look fab lady!! Obsessed with the Atwoods - need them in my life!

    xo Donna


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