Wednesday, September 17, 2014

jigsaw london on fillmore

If you guys follow me on my instagram account you know by now that I'm hosting an event tomorrow at the Jigsaw London store on Fillmore street, in San Francisco. This past weekend I popped in for a tour, and got a rundown on the new A/W 2014 collection. It's broken up into 3 sections inspired by three different areas in Europe- the Left Bank (my personal favorite!), Reykjavik, and Berlin. 

Truth be told, this was (gasp) my first time in this Jigsaw store on Fillmore street, there are so many gorgeous little boutiques that I haven't yet visited them all. This one was a breath of fresh air, as soon as I walked in beautiful soft natural light poured through and filled the space, the staff was gracious, the decor was simple and chic except for an eclectic gallery wall I wanted to bring home with me, and the glam-est of chandeliers peppered the high ceilings. And that was just the ambiance, the clothing is what I came in for and was not disappointed. I meet the cocoon coat of my dreams, a pair of ankle boots that need a new home in my closet and basic staples that may or may not be making it home with me tomorrow night. 

I hope to see you dear Bay Area readers tomorrow night, there will be flowing champagne, a sweet raffle and good times. So come on by and enjoy your new favorite boutique on Fillmore street. 


  1. I heard about that event, but I didn't know you were hosting it! Now I REALLY want to go! Hopefully I can make it down there to see your cocoon coat and booties! Oh, and YOU obvi! ;)

  2. Love it! I have actually never been in that store either! See you tonight to check it out!


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