Monday, November 17, 2014

how-to: friendsgiving cocktails with No. 209 Gin

Happy Monday, loves! Hope your weekends were nice and relaxing, it sure felt like a long weekend over here since we were busy hosting and attending parties, but who can be mad at that? The holidays are quickly approaching and everywhere you look- instagram, stores, and all those upcoming invites- it seems like there are reminders that the end of the year, and the holidays are around the corner.

If you follow me on my instagram account you'll see that I held a mini Friendsgiving party this past weekend.  Little secret about me: I love to host parties! I used to host Friendsgiving after college so all of my friends could get together, eat, drink and enjoy each others company since we saw each other less and less. But, mostly it was a good reason to eat lots of yummy carbs and delicious beverages don't you think?!

This year I wanted to craft something festive and yummy rather than just wine and bubby, so I reached out to a local liquor company- Distillery No. 209- and inquired about partnering on something special for my yearly tradition. Gin is something that is quite interesting in taste to me, so I couldn't wait to make something other than my usual gin martini with No. 209 Gin. My gracious guests dubbed my concoction the 'Startruck'- so here it is for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out the recipe below and recreate with No. 209 Gin for all your upcoming gatherings, and holiday soirées!

-one part No, 209 Gin
-one part sparkling cranberry juice
-splash of rosemary infused simple syrup
-champagne float
-fresh cranberries (garnish)
-fresh rosemary (garnish)

First prep all your ingredients (above), then gather your most festive glass and stemware. I made all the drinks stirred not shaken, so no need for a shaker if you don't have one on hand. I poured one part gin, then one part sparkling cranberry juice, a splash of rosemary infused simple syrup and stirred it all together in a champagne coupe. Then pour a float of champagne and add a garnish of a few cranberries and some and sprigs of rosemary. Last but not least add a few festive ice cubes - in this case I added stars- and toast to a great night!

Check out some faboulous barware I curated for your next holiday cocktail party!

Big thanks to Distillery No. 209 for sponsoring this post!
Photography and styling by me.


  1. That looks divine. Is it too early for one now? :) Love the glasses too, btw!

  2. Everything looked perfect + I am loving your barware picks! I think I need a bar cart ASAP.


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