Monday, December 1, 2014

oversized knit

{Gap oversized knit sweater vest (similar style), Madewell chambray, J Brand denim c/o Bloomingdales, Anyi Lu shoes gifted, Sweet 'n Spark thrifted earrings}

Funny story about this sweater (that's usually how most of my stories go, right?)...I had been eyeing it for a while since they didn't originally have my size in store. A few months later I go back, peruse the sale section, and there this one is, two sizes too big, but I still go for it. In typical Carlina-impulse-shopper-fashion I just buy it, thinking I'll wear it as a dress, a smock, a frock- anything and everything since it won't hug my curves too great but it could still be chic and tomboy-y at the same time. And guess what? It came in handy. This sweater dress/smock pretty much made my Thanksgiving day 'fit. It was perfect to camouflage my second helping of mashed potatoes, over sampling of desserts and the morning after huevos rancheros I gave myself permission to indulge in. For those that celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend, hope you all had a wonderful time!

Photography by Francisco Guerrero


  1. Chic outfit! Love the oversize sweater :-)
    You look beautiful <3

  2. So Mary Kate and Ashley of you! I love it! PS that lip color is perfect on you!

  3. OBSESSED with your hair like this lady and those flats are tres chic!


  4. Love this look and your shoes reminded me to break mine out! They are so comfy!


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