Monday, May 23, 2016

what I wore for #createcultivatedtla


{Mini lace dress, similar style, Leather moto, Stud pumps, Lipstick, Statement necklace, Watch}

Per usual Create + Cultivate, blogger conference extraordinaire, was on point, inspirational and all-around visual stimulation overload- which made for some pretty sweet instagrammable moments. I knew I wanted to up my outfit game but realized it would be near impossible since all the women there would be doing the same and at some point you call it a day and put on something you look and feel good in. This simple black and white outfit did it for me, considering my first option, 1. was little too revealing and 2. it was impressively cold in LA- I didn't even realize that was a possibility. Luckily I had packed a backup, because in true Carlina form I didn't try on option number one until 7am the morning of the conference- insert monkey-covering-mouth emoji. While my black and white outfit is simple I stepped it up by straightening my hair (which didn't want to cooperate), adding a velvety matte red pout, and some killer jewelry- my vintage bracelets and my Beyonće necklace- which always gets complements so I figured it was perfect for C+C.


Photography by Ryan Chua


  1. Love the leather and lace detail.


    1. Thank you, Liv! Leather and lace is always a good combo.
      x carlina

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Love it, hate it? I want to know!

x carlina