Tuesday, January 17, 2017

where to go on a long weekend: {vintners inn} sonoma valley

Every room comes with half bottle of the Ferrai-Carrano famed Fumé Blanc. First thing we did was open our bottle right up and order some room service!

Every detail in this Italian style property is just so precious and comforting. These striped chairs were right outside of where we ate breakfast.

First order of business — room service!

After lunch we ventured to nearby Iron Horse Vineyards, where they are known for thier bubbly. Hoping for more time on our agenda next time so we can visit the beautiful grounds of the Ferrai-Carano vineyards.

Warming up by the fireplace before our dinner reservation at John Ash Co.

Breakfast at Vinters Inn Cafe was so yummy! These mini muffins came out before the main course, and of course copious amounts of coffee were in order.

The luxe beds were perfect for extra lounge time in our pjs and planning out the rest of our wine trip.

Look day 1: {Beanie | Top | Bow | Leopard coat | Rain boots | Denim}
Look day 2: {Fedora | Leopard coat | Turtleneck | Denim | Bag | Boots}
Morning look: {Pj top | Beanie}

At the end of the month right before the Christmas holiday my husband and I took our annual trip to wine country right before the hectic holidays began for us. We go to his parents for Christmas Eve, my parents for Christmas day, and then the following day we had a flight out to Cancun. So it was "go, go, go" for us.

A few years ago after having the same holiday routine year after year, we decided it would be good to do something for ourselves. So one year we took a mini road trip to wine country and stayed in the coziest Italian style villa, sipping on non-stop wine, eating all the best comforting foods, and enjoying a luxe lifestyle in a beautifully decorated holiday setting for a few days. It was bliss, and now every year it just doesn't feel like the holidays if we don't get away just the two of us before the madness starts.

So per the Harris-Guerrero tradition, we drove off into the sunset to wine country and found ourselves back at one of our favorites a few weeks ago — Vintners Inn. If you have been a reader of this blog for a while now you might remember my stay at Vintners here, here and here, let's just say Vintners and us go way back and while styles have changed my love for this Inn won't. ;) We arrived at the scene as the rain finally let up and our lovely top floor suite was ready for an early check-in. After documenting a quick sweep of the grounds, the vines on the premise, and the bocce court on Instastories we ordered room service before heading out for some wine tasting that afternoon. We were able to catch the tail end of the day at the delightful and nearby Iron Horse- known for their bubbly and sweeping views of the Valley.

As the sun was setting we hopped in our Mini and sped back to Vintners Inn to freshen up for our dinner reservations at John Ash & Co. — a gourmet wine country dining experience on the Vintners grounds. I threw on a sheer turtleneck and a glam velvet jumpsuit over it, pulled my hair back in a pony and added some killer vintage-esque earrings to complete the holiday glam look. We showed up to a beautifully decorated holiday filled room and got right to work with a cheese plate and a bottle of red we picked up earlier that day, polished off with some mains and of course had to order dessert! Although not sure we needed it as when we got back to our room, the lovely turn down service folks left us some just-baked chocolate chip cookies on our pillows!

After a decadent amount of sleep in the most luxe oversized beds, we headed over to breakfast held at the Vintners Inn Cafe. It's the kind of place that reminds you of your grandmother kitchen, warm and welcoming; it's the sort of place that encourages you to linger a little longer over that second cup of coffee. Honestly, the entire Vintners Inn estate feels a bit like that, even in its grandness there is a calming warmth to the place that feels a lot like home. I can't wait to make my way back again sometime this year— word on the block is they are making, even more, updates to the grounds, and you can expect a full spa shortly.
Huge thanks to the Vintners Inn team for my stay and always making it so elegant!

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  1. AMAZING post! Thank you so much for sharing! I love all the great ideas. If I'm ever in Sonoma Valley I now know where to stay! :)

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