Thursday, August 10, 2017

exploring panama city and isla contadora

Last month we skipped town and did the most American thing you could do on the Fourth of July  — we left the country. ;) We decided Panama sounded about right and extended our already long weekend by a few more days and spent a week in this tropical city. We loved exploring the old part of town with it's equal part riveting glam hotels and dilapidated buildings. In the middle of our week we took a ferry to nearby Isla Contadora and FELL IN LOVE. Hard. It was a game changer. We literally changed our itinerary and spent the night on a whim with only the clothes/swimwear on our back. Let's just say Island toothpaste, SPF and bottled water is a bit more pricey than usual but so worth it. I highly recommend this off-the-beaten path island, and do believe another vacation is in order. 

Where do you think we are off to next? 


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  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed my little country ;)
    That hat and bag are just what I need.


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