Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Lucia's birth story

Well, well well, it's been a while, hasn't it? With good reason too I might add. Somebody just had a baby. And by somebody I mean me, and by just I mean two weeks ago! My little Lucia was born exactly two weeks ago on Friday night. It's kind of hard to believe one day she's in my belly kicking and squirming and the next she's out, just like that and pregnancy is over and motherhood starts without any warning. I feel overwhelmed grateful, happy, tired and so many other emotions. For now how about I share more of the birth story, since that seems to be a thing, and I happen to think mine is a pretty good one?

Two weeks ago on a Thursday night, I had happy hour with Julie at a local bar. I had a few days left before I was "supposed" to hit my due date, four days approximately and I was determined to use them all up doing the things I might not have time or energy to do post-baby. So there I was in a bar filled with people actually drinking alcohol and I was sipping on sparkling water and eating tater tots. Afterward, Julie was kind enough to walk me to Walgreens to pick up a prescription -- at this point, my midwife said I was experiencing high blood pressure so I needed to get some meds, then she walked me home, saw our pseudo-half-finished nursery and left. No more than 10 minutes went by after she left that my water broke at home! I didn't know what to expect when it happened so of course, I assumed I couldn't contain my overactive bladder, but nope, that was actually my water breaking! After freaking out for about two minutes I called the hospital and they said they were full so the best course of action would be to sleep at home since you have about 12-24 hours before you fully go into labor. What are the odds the hospital is full?

After attempting to sleep that night, not very well, we packed up and headed for the hospital about 9am the next morning, where contractions promptly started a few hours later, and without even noticing them, the monitor picked them up. Lucky me, I didn't even feel the pains of contractions, assuming this couldn't go better? I spoke too soon and about 12:30pm those baby contractions turned into full-on painful, not pretty contractions about every 5-6 minutes and continued to worsen over the next five hours! It was awful, I'm pretty sure I told my husband I "think I'm going to die "multiple times -- yes, a bit dramatic. I tried to dull the pain by trying stage one of the pain meds offered-- laughing gas. And you'll never guess what happened. Nothing. Yup, that's right it went right through me and the contractions were still present and I was still in pain. So right to stage three we went -- the famed epidural. And while it took a total of about 45 minutes to kick in I finally felt some sort of relief, and then a full hour later contractions were just a dull sensation vs. the slow death I felt.

Around 7pm I was fully dilated and that meant that it was go-time. Since my husband hadn't yet eaten dinner I was hoping he'd get a bite in before it all went down so I asked if we can wait until after his Postmates order arrived (hey, I get it, when you're hungry, you're hungry). After his order arrived and he ate it was almost 9pm. At 9pm I attempted my first "push" and while I was very nervous it seems pretty straight forward. You inhale deeply and push with everything you have as you exhale, you do that three times with a break in between. I only had to push for 34 minutes and then at 9:34pm Lucia was born. It was so surreal.

It's only been two weeks and three days with her and while the days and nights seem repetitive -- eat, change, sleep, repeat-- I know that life is so much better with her in it already. I want to be a better person for her and give her everything I can. What a trip, nine months went by in an instant. For now my goal is to savor and really be in the moment with her when I feed, change, clean, or just gaze in her curious eyes vs. scrolling on my phone on the downtime I'm with her. She's a perfect little angel, I feel so blessed to be her mom.


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